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Al Waasi charity is a charity foundation based in Uganda that has been in existence in operation since its inaugural year of 2018.

The organization was founded basing on the Prophet Mohammed acts of charity and the teachings of the Holy Quran. It’s upon this that the founding Muslim brothers drew inspiration to help the needy and vulnerable believers in the Muslim community in Uganda.

The founding board of Al Waasi Muslim charity foundation saw a need to give and reach out to the increasing and less privileged community. In Uganda, many citizens both adults and children are faced with challenges of life today. These challenges mainly range from financial, physical and emotional. These challenges were the driving factor that led to establishment of Al Waasi Muslim charity foundation and they have been the very factors that have continuously driven the purpose and cause of Al Waasi Muslim charity foundation. The research carried out before the establishment of A Waasi Muslim charity foundation showed that many communities in Uganda live in poverty with less than 1 US $ a day rendering them to lack in basic needs such as food, shelter, medication, education and materials such as clothing and beddings.

This was further more experienced among many Muslim communities who reached to our founders with lack of Islamic materials and places. The charity has on many occasions tried to reach out to the members with urgent needs. This involves travelling to meet and solve the raised concerns from the vulnerable community. Al Waasi Muslim charity organization maybe a Muslim founded organization but when it comes to rendering help, offering charity, and carrying out its duties, there is no segregation in religion, race and tribe. This is because Allah created us as one race and that is the human race.

Secondly, Al Waasi services don’t segregate religions and races because one its background religion ISLAM is a religion of peace and unity. It calls for oneness in the community and love for all brothers and sisters. Al waasi Muslim charity organization has on many occasions reached out all an inclusive program to all people in the society. This has greatly changed the course of many people’s lives in the community. Being a charity organization, Al waasi is neither a profit making nor an investment organization. Therefore most of its resources come from donors and philanthropists and members of the organization. This is the noble reason which gives hope to the organization that once we come together we can change the world and many lives of people.


There are ways you can also help us reachout to those who need us most in their lives


You can donate anything you have in cash or materials like clothes, cement, food and other neccessities .



You can also be part in the implementation of this cause and join our team on the groud to help reachout



Participate in fundraising for a particular cause forexample our sponsor a child, build a well and educate an orphan campaigns



Contribute to us spiritually, materially or financially to help us keep running with this cause

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.